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We are Independent Contractors. We do not have a traditional front desk system. We hope you will have a better customer service experience dealing directly with us. You may call or text us from this tab. Text is best. We will respond as quickly as possible. All numbers are listed beside our photos.

Anna Athey – Stylist

Anna Athey Anna Athey is absolutely radiant behind her chair at Wildflower. Her many years of experience and vivid vision give her the power to see beyond the canvas that is your hair. Whether it be a small color enhancement, a full blown correction, or a regular maintenance session, you can trust Anna to really improve how you look at feel about your hair color, health, cut, and style. This Southern native hails from the Mississippi Delta. She is full of humor and grace. A lighthearted and/or heartfelt evolution in her chair will surely be a mainstay in your life.

Appointments: 662.392.1609

Madeline Hulsey – Stylist

Madeline Hulsey is an artist who creates all around fresh looks for the everyday woman. She specializes in customized color & cuts, as well as bridal hair & makeup.

Madeline has come to understand the artistic nuances associated with delivering an individualized look for special days, that will last in her brides’ memories. Drawing on years of experience, she customizes and perfects each look she creates. Madeline has been regularly featured in Alabama Weddings Magazine.

A graduate of the Salon Professional Academy, Huntsville, she is devoted to furthering her education and continuously takes advanced classes.
Madeline is ecstatic for the chance to be a part of each of her client’s lives in such an important way, and to be part of her brides’ special days. She sends each of them out with radiant confidence and a unique style.

The Mad Style
Appointments: 205.269.0997

Lindsay Shephard Moon – Stylist

Lindsey Lindsay Shephard Moon has the “effortless cool” factor down to a science. She inspires beauty wherever she wanders and shares it with all of us at Wildflower and with her lucky clients. A graduate of the Aveda Institute, trained under celebrity and television makeup artist James Ryder, Lindsay knows how to place color just where you need it for the exact kind of impact you are dreaming about.

First she listens closely, then she delivers your best look. She is excellent at pairing an amazing color with the cut that makes it work so that your life is truly easier and more beautiful.

Appointments: 205.837.2336

Jenni Beard – Stylist

Jenni Beard Jenni Beard exudes elegance and taste. Her quiet and considerate nature is appealing to everyone she meets. After 15+ years, Jenni is more in love than ever with this art form we call hairstyling & her private loft space at Wildflower, where she can connect easily with her devoted clients.

A graduate of the Aveda Institute, Louisiana, Jenni has traveled the country to train with the industry’s best and continuously keeps up with whats new in our industry. She listens carefully before customizing unique color formulas & placement and delivering precision haircuts that make your hair work best for you.

Appointments: 205.586.7265

Cyndy Thompson – Nail Technician/Artist

Cyndy Thompson Cyndy Thompson will not only be the manicurist that transforms the health of your hands and feet, she will also be your best advocate and true friend. An Aveda trained specialist in natural nail health, Cyndy has a devoted following of clients that go back over twenty-two years.

You may fully relax in her private room and rest easy that the bowls she uses for pedicures have disposable liners. She also services excellent brow and facial waxing in privacy. Cyndy is the biggest animal lover you have ever met and is such a huge asset to Wildflower. Her spirit is positively contagious.

Appointments: 205.901.3249

Emma Sullivan – Stylist

Emma Sullivan Emma Sullivan has a gifted eye for what’s pretty, and always delivers your best look. We have watched her transform many lucky women into their shining best selves yet.

An Aveda Institute graduate, and avid study of beauty trends old and new, Emma specializes in hair color and creative cutting, and melds the two into an easy style that is livable and also gorgeous! She offers some beautiful brow waxing to top it off. Her personality is delightful and non-imposing. Emma makes “easy glamour” look easy.

Appointments: 205.790.3349

Matt Hill – Master Stylist

Matt Hill We, at Wildflower, all say that Matt Hill is the loveliest person we have ever known. Matt has a combination of brains and humility that make him one of the most likable people on the planet. On top of that, he’s very adorable and charming. In combination with his personal attributes, he has some serious skills in making people beautiful. You really can’t go wrong in his private loft space, with his 15+ years of experience and personalized approach to your best look ever.

Matt doesn’t just keep up with what’s going on in our culture every day, he has his own vision and innovates based on what he knows will work best for you.

Appointments: 205.249.6698

Sheri Condo – Master Stylist

Sherri With the most hair styling experience at Wildflower, peaking 22 years, Sheri Condo is effortlessly stylish and always kind. Her empahtetic and compassionate nature is her stronghold in understanding what her clients need from their look. An outstanding scissor and razor cutter, Sheri is your go-to gal for a short razor cut and often uses the razor with men’s grooming, making a many men feel they cannot live without her.

Her ability with color is almost beyond reach because she is hungry to learn, and keeps up with new techniques by default. If you need a one of a kind, unforgettable formal style, book in advance. Sheri is high in demand when special events go on around town.

Appointments: 205.587.9953

Misti Steen – Stylist & Color

Misti Misti Steen’s vivacious laugh and sense of humor are some of her biggest draws. She has a devoted following of entire families, and very special, long-lasting relationships with each of her many clients. One of Misti’s favorite things to do is a total makeover, and she has the 20+ years of experience to pull from when customizing your best new look. Brazilian Blowout certified, she takes great care to perfect the balance of structure, and softness in textured hair of all ethnicities.

Her skill set is advanced and she has the artistic eye, great taste, and generous personality that make her the best hairstylist you’ve ever had.

Appointments: 205.862.5065